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My 2017 X5M lease is up in the spring, so I'll likely be ordering soon. I've owned many BMWs but this is the first time I've ordered the first year...usually I wait until the last couple. I'll be leasing this one so to start all the usual lease there a discount I should be looking for? For my 2017 the average seemed to be about 7%. Is that still reasonable for this first year? Hopefully I won't have to hear the nonsense about how "it's so new with high demand so there's no discount". Also, is the money factor negotiable on a BMW? I really don't like leasing but with this car and this much technology I just can't see wanting to own it. Thanks in advance.
I am in the same boat. I think it will be tough to get good deals until the summer or fall. If X7 is any indication, most dealers stuck to no discounts for the first couple of months. I don't think the money factor is negotiable but you can lower it with MSDs if your state allows them or if you buy out of state (you can still register in your state).
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