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Originally Posted by FCX5 View Post
These days even the lowest rated cars have good overall reliability. I've owned a RRS for 4 years and it was pretty reliable and I would one again in a heart beat (if any thing, I liked it more than the Cayenne S we replaced it with). The infotainment system had bugs (which is overwhelmingly what people reports for reliability issues these days for any car) but it didn't make much of a difference in driving the car. I've had fewer issues with iDrive, but it does have issues here and there...LR needs to improve their Infotainment system (which I hear is pretty good now).

The problem with RRS is that they are hard to find and pretty expensive (for me at least).
I think reliability surveys have to be taken with a grain of salt. As you mentioned...much of the problems for cars are derived from the infotainment. But publications tend to lump all "problems" together...minor creeks and rattles to full on engine meltdowns.

IMO...there should be a sliding scale as to what constitutes a "problem". My eyes bug out when i see things like JD Power with their survey results and say "car X had reported an average of 103 issues for every 100 cars" and i'm like "huh?"

Furthermore, i think you have to just look at the buyer as well. if you're plunking down well in excess of 100K on a're going to expect that thing to be perfect...and any slight issue will make your blood boil. Not saying that won't be a similar case of a Kia purchaser...but i think you can follow my logic.
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