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Originally Posted by PhilipUK View Post
Just to be pedantic, the COSC standard is actually -4/+6 seconds a day.

It's a pretty meaningless thing these days, used more for marketing than anything else. Even the very cheapest quartz watch can easily beat the COSC standard. If extreme accuracy is the OP's main criterion, then a radio-controlled or GPS watch (or even a VHP quartz) would be the best bet.

OP - unless you have a need for extreme accuracy, just buy the watch that you'll get the most pleasure from seeing on your wrist.

COSC has different standards for quartz movements.

DerEisbaer I agree with the above - you are unlikely to see COSC certification at your price point. Get the watch you like with a proven movement and be happy. Most of the ETA movements, regardless of grade can be regulated to near COSC standards, anyway. Case in point - Damasko uses mostly chronometer grade ETA movements and they are regularly within COSC specs from the factory.

Good luck and enjoy that new watch!