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Originally Posted by MashinBenzin View Post
4GC/GT swap last digits. F34 replaced by G26 and F36 replaced by G24.
Thanks, yes, I had those backwards.

Originally Posted by Flying Ace View Post
so in other words, they will cram in, dilute down and "differentiate" the M brand further by making a M for everyone?
No. The product list is exactly the same as it would be if they had instead decided to start off with the M5 at G80 and gone from there. The choice of codes has nothing to do with the choice of which products to produce.

Now, whether the M brand is more diluted by the addition of the new models this generation (which is really only the X3 M and X4 M since M8 picks up where the M6 left off) is another discussion entirely, and probably best for a separate thread. Objectively though, the real sprawl to the M brand is all of the new M Performance models coming this generation. Every single product line appears set to gain an M Performance model (some gain two where diesels are sold). You won't see this fact exposed by a chassis code list though, since M Performance models just use the same code as the other models in a given series.