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Have you driven the last x5m/x6m? Suspension in both is nothing like that of a 911/m3/m4 that sort of thing in terms of being harsh or too stiff. There's enough tire and while firm still a decent ride. That said I like a firm suspension so it's purely subjective.
Thanks, that’s reassuring. I have not driven the last version (or any for that matter), but I’m aware of very few complaints about it. Most people on this forum rave about it’s capabilities as a very sporty daily driver, which is exactly what I’m targeting with the F95. It’s just that the F95 sounds like a completely redesigned vehicle so just a little worried based on feedback from some (not all) X3MC owners. Maybe that’s silly as it’s a completely different model altogether.

To be clear, I’m getting the F95 for sure - my decision is made. Just hoping it delivers on my ever-increasing expectations!
Haha, that's exciting. I'd assume they haven't made it a vehicle that would be awful as a daily. As sporty as the seats are, they aren't paper thin. Tires have decent sidewall. Unless they've made the suspension way firmer than the last model you should be good.