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I love the photos. Very nice. I just pickup a 40D to start and I know what u mean about expensive hobby. But really u should frame those and sell. I live near Santa Barbara and on weekend local artist sell art at beach and yours would sell trust me.

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Hey all,

I haven't been around on the forums much lately; however, with my recent purchase of the 5D MkIII I am sure I'll be on talking to you fellas more often! I've been busy and don't have time to go in depth about everything that I love and the magnitude of my upgrade from a Rebel to full frame professional* but I will add some notes.

A hobby turned into an expensive hobby - photography and cinematography has kept me out of boredom the past year. I am still relativity unknowing to all the camera lingo that floats around, but I can assure you I am learning fast everything I need to know about the 5D Mk III. Of course you guys can also help me on that. Many of you also might question my big leap from the T3i to this beast... Well I felt the need to not upgrade again and really focus on building my arsenal of full-frame lenses - L glass if you will. I think we can all agree that since we are members of a BMW forum we seemingly can afford expensive toys... Right boys? For me I am graduating high school this coming may so buying (yes I bought my car, in full) my car and affording this hobby has been interesting to say the least! Quite fun actually.

Anyway, currently my Camera backpack holds:
24-105mm 1:4 L IS USM
50mm 1.8
Speedlite 600EX-RT (coming this week)

First impressions of the Camera I was blown away. The build quality and body durability is top-notch. The weight is reassuring in that sense and I am very excited about the camera being weather proof. Moreover, taking my first shots on the camera at night, I found the ISO capabilities to be amazing. Many of my photos require almost zero to no NR or correction. I love the FPS on High Continuous shutter aswell. The 1080 video capabilities... WOW. And every single other thing about the camera! My only let down regarding Canons build is the lack of a swivel screen. I know the argument was for keeping it weathered sealed, but it sure would be nice for hard angle shots, videos, corners, squeezes etc... I know y'all already know every inch and spec of this beauty but it is the time of night where I am rambling and I like to share. Ill spare the rest.

Well here are some of my first experimentation shots that I was able to process at school. For some reason my computer is nearly incapable at processing the RAW files - I need to just download light room 4 myself...

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