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That's not the official name I hope. M50i is an msport and the m in the badge states that. Do we really need to keep adding to the naming of bmws? I guess I'll wait for the 10 jahre msport m55i mxdrive shadow anniversary edition
BMW's M-associated models' hierarchy is the following:

* Full hardcore M model at the very top (in this case X6 M).
* Intermediary M Performance trim (such as this X6 M50i, or the X3 M40i, or the M550i) as the most powerful non-full M model, with a massaged engine, sportier suspension setup, usually 4WD, M Sport exterior and interior package with a few specific extra elements.
* M Sport trim which is basically just a sporty body kit and wheels, sporty suspension and sporty interior but no engine upgrade, and which can pretty much be ordered on any given BMW, even with the base engines.
I know how their lines work but an mperformance model like the x6 m50 will ONLY come in msport trim. Their is no need to include that in the name of the vehicle.
You are right. This is just an X6 M50i. The OP included MSport in the name but that's redundant.
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