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Dave you make many good points, although I am partial on the subject. Personally Prime Shooting makes me think about elements of design more, such as composition. I like the movement/activity levels primes offer. In the past (t3i 50mm 1.8 days) I found myself loving the quality and aperture play the prime offered, but also felt mysteriously restricted. I thought some of my best results came from that flimsy lens. Maybe that is because my kit 17-55 5.6 would not do the job to my liking back then. Today I like my standard zoom lens because it is high-quality multi-purpose. I classify it as my practicle everywhere lens. Any of my work looks great shot through this lens. But I do find my more artistic side wanting a 35, 50, or 85 for the aperture and strange enough for the restricted frame! It's a odd thing: prime vs. zoom. To each his own. We will see what gets added next to the kit For now, I can't complain. Really.
I've been using my phone to take casual photos of my car but I think I'm ready to take the next step to get better quality photos. I used to have an old Canon DSLR (I think it was a T3i) but I gave it to my brother. I liked it, so I think getting a newer Canon would be the way to go. I don't want to buy brand new, so I guess my first question is if anyone has suggestions for older Canon cameras that would be good? I like the 80D based off of reviews I've read ( It seems like a good buy for the features it has (I like the 4K video option for sure). My second question is where I can look for this camera used? I've heard of places like Adorama but never bought used cameras before. Just looking for some pointers I guess!