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Ive driven over 10 cars regularly over the course of 15 years and never had a windshield/rock chip issue, until 6 years ago. Brand new 2013 340ix had a windshield replacement a year into ownership, then 2016 M4 had a windshield replacement, then M3 ZCP had a windshield replacement, then M3CS had a windshield replacement, then a 2018 grand Cherokee which was the worst; I had picked up the Grand Cherokee from the dealership and as soon as i pulled out onto the highway, a rock flew into the windshield and destroyed it. Literally 20 minutes of ownership (Brand new vehicle) and i had to drive it from the dealership straight to the glass repair shop.

Moral of the story, windshield replacements are like accidents. They may rarely happen and you can be extremely cautious, but some things are inevitable regardless.
10 cars in 15 years is a lot. Move much or just like new cars?

I was serious about rock chips in South Florida. All the dump trucks transporting dirt/cement and lots of construction means chips are unavoidable.
There are guys on here that have been thru 40+ cars (more than women) in a ten year time frame.

But it was a combination of my cars and household cars that I'd drive regularly. Especially sports cars are more vulnerable since they sit lower and usually have thinner windshields for weight reduction (as I was informed).
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