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Originally Posted by Ninefourteener View Post
Only day 3 with the car. I'm sure there is a setting or something.... Still learning all the features/settings.

I don't have BMW connected features in Europe, on a US spec car. So, I can't connect with my phone, download apps, etc. Just a part of being in Europe I guess.

Every morning, I go out and start my car to let it warm up in the driveway. Then, I get out and go back in the house. If I try to lock the doors, the car gives off two loud HONKS.... at 7am.... and I'm pretty sure the neighbors don't like it.

Is there any way I can lock the car from the outside, while it's running..... with just a simple "beep" sound?? If the car is off, it just gives a beep when I lock it. Why does it HONK when it's running?
I hope you figure it out.

Question: Why are you warming up your G05? Is it for your comfort or do you think the engine needs it?