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Originally Posted by VTENGR View Post
Since you don't have an M car, I don't think you can code them to work. I haven't been able to see anywhere on the coding forums where someone was able to code M software to their non M cars.

I do remember having a similar convo with someone who swapped out their stock steering wheel with an M steering wheel and I asked about the M1/M2 buttons and that poster said they would be dummy buttons with no purpose.
That's kinda what I thought.... but I wasn't sure. I came across a set of M1/M2 buttons with the harness.... and started wondering..... hmmmm.

Last 340 I did a TON of research on thr Mperformance steering wheel (with the track timer and shift light).... it was codeable.... but I ended up trading the car in before I ever got to tackle the project.