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Originally Posted by jad03060 View Post
The vehicle will shut down if the driver opens the door when his seatbelt is off. If you're seatbelt is on, it will allow you to move it when you open the door.

To keep lights on, enable pathway lighting. You can set how long they stay on once you exit.

If it's important to keep the HVAC on, you can check that on the exit screen, at least on the 45e since that's all run off of the batteries. Admittedly, one more thing to have to do, but it's possible. All three BMWs that I've owned will go into park and shut down when opening the driver's door with your seatbelt off, so it's not a new thing.
So how can I keep HVAC on when I step out of the door? Best outcome for me would be that the HVAC goes off when I lock the door. So same like radio. I haven't found the option to do that.