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Just a helpful tip to extend the life of your MF towels, do not wash them with any other materials. Do a MF only load, cold water, using a MF Wash solution - then dry on LOW until completely dry.

good MF's will stay lint-free this way and will continue to absorb residual moisture without streaking.

I have a slight modification to your routine when doing the F80, but probably will not be nearly as anal with the G05. I have the dirty bucket as cold water only. The clean bucket has the same wash formula I use in the foam-cannon in it. Panel at a time, just like you. Once done, I re-foam the entire car and pressure wash it off. Then I use something by Nanolex called "Wash Coat" (this is ceramic coat friendly) in a sprayer mixed with filtered water. Spray the car down, then a quick hose rinse (no attachment, just the hose flow). *The wash coat makes the car smell really good also, but w/e*

Once rinsed again, blow it dry with the Master Blaster. MF touchup at door drip areas/license plates, etc.

I cannot recomment blowing the car dry enough. When I finally started to no-touch dry the car my microscratch and swirling headaches largely disappeared.

Only took a year of me being uber-frustrated and talking with my PPF guy who kept recommending a blower. FWIW, you don't need to spend a lot, a standard leaf blower would work, but I'd advise you cut out a finer filter material and affix it over the leaf blower air intake to avoid any larger particulates being accelerated towards your paint.
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