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Mudroom is a great idea where you live! Since you're building a garage from ground up and you said you don't wrench but care about storage; having garage being able to accommodate a lift would might be a value add for you or at resale time and at this point in the build it will not cost you much more to add these items during "rough phase".

If you want to have 2 post lift, you will need min 3500 psi slab, 4"+, max 2% slope, non-post tension concrete. If you plan on 4 post lift then regular concrete will do. I suggest adding ample outlets on perimeter of the garage walls as its always nice to have, same with the power in the the ceiling.. this way you can have sufficient lighting (2x4 troffer panels are super cheap and sit flush with the drywall and provide stupid amount of light).. also might be a good idea to dedicate a small workshop area where you can build some cabinets, a sink and perhaps add a fridge.. its always nice to have extra fridge in the house.. Regarding lifts, make sure you run 220 in the ceiling someplace and you can then bring it down to the lift if you decide to install one later. Run power for your garage door openers, jackshaft is nice since it pulls the door on the side and doesnt take up ceiling space allowing you to put overhead shelves for maximum storage. Make sure you add at least one EV charger.. keep in mind that alone will be 50amp service.. or more.. I did two 60 amps.. this will require you likely to add sub panel to existing main panel so you will have little bit more on electrical cost side.

I recently did a custom garage and ran also airline in the ceiling that runs back to garage cabinets which house medium size compressor. Same cabinets also house water filtration system for the house. This is also something you could potentially tie in depending where you water main is. Below is photo so you can get an idea. (Lift not shown but i have it in other pictures)

All of the finishing touches can add up depending on the quality of products you want to put it but this can all be done later. Key during initial construction is to have overall plan what you want it to look like eventually and ensure to get all the rough stuff done (electrical/plumbing/etc) and you can do the final touches later

Interior designer can help you with color selection etc, but layout honestly you can do yourself.. make sure on your arch plans that you leave enough room for everything that is going.. i.e. clearance between cabinets in relation to where the car is parked when cabinet door is open etc.. little things like that.. interior designer can help with this as well if you're not comfortable..

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