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Some companies are collecting data on us, even when they don't have a specific need to at the moment. They see the potential value in it and are willing to implement the infrastructure to collect and store it for future use, or sale. Personally, I find it a major invasion of privacy. I'm sure I've signed plenty of TOSs without reading them thoroughly and gave consent...all for the "convenience" or "service" that product provided me. Ever download an app and it asks for permission to access your phones mic and camera, even when the use of that app does not require those components of your device? I had one ask for those and it specifically included access to the photo gallery on my phone...the app had zero to do with photos. Why do they want to see my photos? How about for tracking purposes? Photos include time, date and GPS coordinates and with face recognition software, a photo could be used to identify individuals in specific places and at specific, thank you.