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Happy with my stormtrooper aesthetic; chrome delete, and black grilles/gills/tips on MW. No need for more racing accents with a car seat.
Just saw your car on the other thread, looks good. What interior do you have? I also have a thing for white cars, especially when sitting at the configurator: so I had a AW/Cognac 4-series Cabrio, then my current AW/Cognac 540i, and the first version of my G05 order was for a AW/Cognac M50d. Here I got second thoughts on this theme and decided to switch to BSM/Coffee/Antracite Matte/Extended Shadowline when I changed the build from M50d to M50i. A lot of G05s are starting to show up in Munich now, and I would say at least 50% (statistically reliable figure delivered directly from my gut) are white. I do like them, with the absence of a gray color I feel there is no other color to better show lines and shapes in the body panels and trim. As for my all-blacked-out M50i I do not want people to see lines, I just want them to turn around and wonder what kind of hotrod is driving behind the SUV with the child seats.
We have the extended Merino black. It's a stunning interior, but all our BMWs are white with black interior, so we are predictable I suppose.

The black interior works so well with all the interior accent lighting, which our carseaters love.

Love black, but we don't drive enough; would have to wash it every time we got in it
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