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Originally Posted by Anterialis View Post
Very good review! But this guy drives very inefficiently! Going more or less 40 mph, but he keeps coming off the throttle all the time @ 10:10 onwards). Regenerating, accelerating (so hard that the ICE) turns on), regenerating, back to ICE.. He should drive more smoothly imo, would get a better mpg that way

But again, a very good review!
He does point out that his driving usage in the video is atypical and one would likely get far better efficiency in normal daily usage commuting / grocery runs / etc. I would wager a guess that most who can afford a BMW can afford to live within ~15-20 miles of their work, so it's enough or nearly enough for a daily commute without using gas. A friend of mine had a Chevy volt that had enough range to where he forced himself to take a scenic route / weekend drive every few months just to cycle the gas engine or it would never come on.