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Question for Omega buffs

I recently started looking for my first real watch (my current is a ~$300 Luminox 1879). I'm looking to spend between 2k and 3k, so I'm looking at the second hand market.

I found a few crazily priced Tags that I liked before I found this Omega:

This thing is way out of my price range (12k I think) but I love the way this looks. I want to pick up a used Speedmaster and recreate this look (mainly black with red accents).

The hardest part so far is finding an Omega with "Speedmaster" in red. I can find them on Omega's site but I'm not seeing any used with the text in red. As far as the case being black, once I have the right watch and band, I'll either live the silver case or send it off to someone to be coated.

The question is: Is there something I can look for to find models with the red Speedmaster text? Is it after a certain year or a certain generation they started doing it? Only certain models? Tried to Google it but either my Google-Fu is weak in this scenario or the search terms are just too vague to come up with anything useful.

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