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Originally Posted by bing240sx View Post
adding to the work above...

i have a speedy triple cal; i think Speedy's are GORGEOUS!!!, but you will be VERY hard pressed to find that strap available separately... if it could be bought (cordura with red stitching) i would own it already.

i've seen a limited edition rubber strap with speedmaster written in yellow and i even took down the model number and googled it but you cant get them as far as i know.

However, it seems that you can more easily get what you are looking for from Tag and for less money.

i think you should hunt this one:

it will be right in your price range or slightly above. there is one in titanium with a carbon face and the red stiching on the strap for 30% off at the Tag dealer near me (in Canada though).. i think that's where you need to be
Thanks for the reply. The strap isn't a worry for me. I actually like the inside of that strap more than the cordera part. I'm planning on just getting something with black leather and red stitching. Similar to what's on that Tag. I was really just looking for a mostly black Omega with red accents. I like the idea of the black dial, bezel and leather strap with red logo and stitching.

I like the Tags as well but I still think I like the Omega more. I'll probably end up that direction if I can't find the one I'm looking for.

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