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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
ABTW has reviews from some time back. Google Refined Hardware Watch Review and you should find more than just ABTW's review.

Nothing wrong with the watches as goes the movements. Hit or miss on case finishing/execution quality. You'll see stuff like not well polished/machined edges and surfaces and non-parallel alignment of flat pieces that should be in parallel planes. Google some pics of their stuff and look closely at the finishing of the cases. The brand may have improved their quality control since when the pics were taken. I don't know.

I don't know of any other brand that goes to the local hardware store and buys pipes and other plumbing and electrical supply materials that they then re-purpose into watches. If you want exactly their look, you pretty much have to buy their watch. If you are seeking that industrial look there are other brands that are more impressive and cost about the same.

One thing regarding wearing their watches: they are large watches and the lugs that hold the strap/bracelet are strictly horizontal; they don't curve to the shape of a wrist. That can have two practical consequences:
- They can catch on things like shirt cuffs as well as other stuff as they "stick out there."
- They just make the thing "wear" larger.

If you like the look, buy it and enjoy it if the fit works for you. Just make sure when you order it that you can return it if you don't care for the fit.

I don't find it offensive to spend $10K on a unique watch, but I would not do so on a watch with a basic, minimally decorated ETA movement inside without spending a good bit of time looking for other unique watches. I fully understand the point of a novelty watch, and that's exactly what RH make. They are pieces that are about the art not the engineering of the watch. All art is expensive, even artful watches. Like all art, it's best to buy with a full awareness of what else one could have bought for the same sum.

All the best.
Thanks for the detailed feedback. The watch is $1250, not $10k. I think for a 500 unit watch, thats a great deal I couldn't find reviews when I searched, I'll look again.

I see what you mean about the design being sharp edged, and I think the one I posted is much better finished than their earlier models.