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Originally Posted by Performancedieselpros View Post
If your depleting amino acids your negatively impacting your body in the first place! This means your training your body to look to muscle for fuel.

Leucine, iso-leucine, and valine should never be looked at as "energy" or fuel.

Understand lypolosis vs. Glycolosis and you'll see why.

The absolute best intra-workout fuel..... sugar!

Saturate the muscles with BCAAs pre, intra, and post!

They truly shine if you use for fasting as they are designed to PROTECT THE MUSCLE!
I get all your scientific Mumbo jumbo but ultimately everyone’s body is different and even all that science doesn’t always translate to everyone.

This type of stuff is a chemistry experiment. Trial and error, you have to find the right products and combos. So the stuff works great for me. Where I live, conditions I train in, how I train, my programming etc....I do drink a little before but most during then a little bit after training.

Just my 2 cents....but I’ve been at this a long time. Including college athletics and some extra after. Up till now at 46 and still running circles around 26 yr olds.

Ok, some of it is prob genetics

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