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Originally Posted by natahoa View Post
When I shopped MB, to get a similar price I had to go down to the smaller suv size. And it still started at $80k. Iím sorry I donít know all the model numbers, but most companies have SUVs in three or four sizes. I wanted the largest one I could get. Short of a navigator.

I didnít really have a budget and could spend as much as I wanted, but $80k + gave me a big pause. I drove the X5 after the MB and loved it so much I decided on the spot to buy one. I think the BMWís are an excellent value, particularly compared to MB SUVs.

I also wanted a car that did NOT have a useless third row seat. The ONLY cars in this size were the Lincoln nautilus and X5. All others had third row seats that were not optional.

Yesterday we drove 13 hours to Atlanta in the X5. I had a lot of stuff to pack (for my daughterís wedding next weekend) and was concerned about the cargo space, but we had room to spare.

I even got the go**am nav to work, sort of. Still like my tomtom better.
Not trying to sell GLE's here - but the GLE's 3rd row is optional and the starting price is 56k for the 350 (not sure why anyone would buy this one, though b/c the engine is underwhelming) and 61k for the 450. Sounds like you may have been comparing the Mercedes GLS (their flagship SUV) with the X5, when a more appropriate comparison would be to the X7.

The GLE 450 compares very favorably with the X5 40i. Cost wise and option wise. Each have their strengths and weaknesses. It all comes down to preference.