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I was the one who heard new tracks. There was informal Q&A at the end of the Monticello session in '18 while we waited for instructors to queue for hot laps...I asked about 2019 and they mentioned other tracks.

I think the only new one for 2019 was the Chicago option, right?

I was hoping for VIR where they occasionally do an advanced 2 day M school.
I personally always have a great time and with the new M3 coming out as long as they have one in the fleet I would return to Monticello, but the drive kills me.

Four hours each way driven the morning before and right after.
Same here. I live in DC so it's the best option but it takes me almost 5 to go straight there. I've been staying at a nice place in Milford PA for the last two years to break it up.

Back and forth same day is too brutal.