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Originally Posted by Grip Addict View Post
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Starting to think the 2019 pin won't happen...bummer.

Been over a month and a half since the last event.

Wonder if this years hat (that says 2019 M Track Days) checked the box for BMW this year.
idk I think last year we were waiting around, thinking it was never coming then it did

also if I remember M Track Days started months later than it did in 2019 than 2018.
Fingers crossed.

In 2017, I attended COTA on July 26 and had the pin in hand on Aug 27. About a month and, IIRC, events went on until September or later.

In '18, I went to Monticello on Aug 16 and the pin showed up Oct 11. So 2 months but, again, I think there were Thermal days as late as November.

(I've got the dates the packages arrived because I posted here).