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Check Standard Equipment Section

Originally Posted by PhilH930 View Post
I've been checking daily waiting for progress from "Order Received". Well things are slowly moving and now "Scheduled for Production".

I swear I've checked this thing hundreds of times, but do not see the interior trim choice anywhere (and could have sworn I did see this before). I went with dark aluminum mesh (4KM), but nowhere does it show that (or any other selection). My concern was what if they install the wrong trim! Checked the order sheets that my dealer emailed to me back in Dec and on every version 4KM is specified, but not on the tracker.

Does anyone else show the trim on this screen?
I just got the allocation for my X6, M50i yesterday and I'm still in "Order Received" on the website...If I look in the 'Standard Equipment' section, I see "Fineline Brown Wood Trim", which is what I ordered. I also attached a snapshot.
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