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Only on the rear wheels. Like said, you need to have them in the car but I have never used them the last 10 years. So buy a pair that's in a small bag ( and still easy to put on if really necessary). The sock models are not accepted as chains in Germany and Austria.
They have been accepted in Germany as well (see

By the way chains are not a general requirement in Germany, only on roads where it is indicated, and in Austria only on vehicles above 3,5 Tonnes:

The funny thing about Austria is that I have only ever seen road signs there that say either "snow chains except for vehicles with winter tires" or "snow chains except for 4x4 vehicles". Of course I have not been on every road in austria
Didn't know about Germany.

Thing with Austria is that if they decide chains are needed they might refuse acces to the road going op to the resorts. And I wouldn't like that at 11pm in a snow storm. I think that if you travel during day time the risk of being stuck on the road to bigger resorts is quite small.

But I think if you travel to the mountains you should have chains. You never know what happens there. going up is usually ok with 4x4 on winterwheels. Going down is the dangerous part.

I found Pewag auto tensioning chains that are really easy to put on (tried this weekend at home) and they come in a decent size bag that I could but somewhere in the trunk. The Bmw chains I had on previous cars had really big bags (disc).
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