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Originally Posted by Ilyam5 View Post
I believe it was asked before - but knowing that the release of X5m i so close - is it separated enough from M50? or better question - is M50 too close to M
There was a thread separating X5M from X5M comp and the consensus was - there is not much separating them - same suspension, same torque, just some cosmetics.
so if one needs to decide M50 or X5 M base - what will truly separate them? M50 runs 3.8 to 60 and 12.3 sec 1/4 - maybe X5m will shave .3 sec of that

Equally equipped I get pricing pretty close to each other.
X5 M is 110K with exec and driving assist pack, and M50 is 107 with similar options to match M standard equipment

What I like about x5 M vs M50
- Better engine with 100 more HP and better revs
- Better cooling
- Ability to get active roll stabilization without the active steering
- Better suspension
- More driving modes configurable
- Ability to switch modes on steering wheel with m buttons instead of looking for toggle on center console
- Arguably more fun to drive
What I do not like about x5 M vs M50
- Not able to get standard comfort seats from M 50 – not a fan of comp seats. I think regular x5 M should have them as option ( like x3M)
- No trailer hitch – that is a big one – I carry bikes all the time (hence reason for SUV) and hitch is needed -so need to go aftermarket
- No 20” wheel option – would prefer light 20” rims - will Have to buy aftermarket
- Rougher ride
- Torque is higher up the rev range for around town crawling
- Fuel economy (Pulling at straws here)
AFAIK a trailer hitch is available in Europe for the F95