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Nice try.

I as well as everyone here knows exactly how much blindness hate you have for the Cowboys. You're not alone tho LOL! So honestly, we can't have a decent or meaningful convo about any team if there is obvious bitter hatred.
But... To answer your question, Aikman is the best QB this franchise ever had IMO. The Cowboys have had a "stacked team" since Dak joined. The one and only reason they can't or won't progress is Shitty Coaching! Any true fan who knows Football, this team and the way the NFL works, knows Garrett is the issue.
Here's a question for you: letís take Garrett out of the equation for a second because I want to see if youíll make the right decision here. Insert say: Sean Peyton, Mike Tomlin or Bill Belichick. Would Dallas have won a SB in the last 3 or even 5yrs with this team?
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