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Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
Boundary Rd & E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V5K 2B1, Canada

How is this area?
i see a nice airbnb listing here
brand new condo, free parking

between Burnaby Heights and Willingdon Heights
Thatís in North Burnaby, right at the City of Burnaby/Vancouver border. Hence the road name boundary road. I am quite familiar with Burnaby, as I live in South Burnaby. I sometime take Hastings to/from work.

I believe there is only one new condo at Boundary and Hastings. Which is right next to a transit (bus) hub. So there will be a lot of foot and vehicle traffic. During rush hour Hastings can get quite backed up because Boundary is a main road that go through Burnaby and Hastings is also a main road that takes you from downtown Vancouver into the tri-cities. That location is also just a few blocks away from highway 1 and the bridge that takes you to the north shore.

Location wise it is pretty central. Head west 15 minutes or so on Hastings will take you to downtown. East on Hastings to Port Moody, Coquitlam, etc. 15 minutes down boundary will take you to Metrotown (largest mall in Vancouver area) in central Burnaby. Just a few blocks east on Hastings have lots of good local restaurants. However that location is a few outside of the heart of Willingdon heights, where all the restaurants and shops are.

However at night that area tends to have some, not much, homeless people hanging around because of the transit hub and the 24hr McDonald down the street.

Have you looked into central Burnaby, Metrotown area or Brentwood area? There are tons of new condos there. But I would assume prices will be a bit higher. Personally I would prefer Metrotown or Brentwood because it is recently redeveloped, so it is newer.

Originally Posted by XKxRome0ox View Post
my wife wants to visit Butchart Garden and see Vancouver Island
is it worth taking the ferry with a rental car to get around the island?
Or can I see the important stuff by just taking the bus+ferry?
How long is this trip? I would suggest spending a night over in the island, if you do go. It is a 2 hour ferry ride each way, and Boundary/Hastings is about 30-40 minutes away to the nearest ferry terminal.

I would take the car over. Just more convenient that way, especially with a baby.

One tip... DO NOT speed around the ferry terminal in the Island. The roads by the terminal feels like a highway, looks like a highway, can definitely drive at highway speed, but the speed limit is only 50km/hr, city speed. In B.C. they will impound youíre car for 7 days if you go 40km/hr over posted speed limit. The roads going to the ferry is notorious for speed traps. And the cops will impound your rental car, they are ruthless on that road.