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Originally Posted by Fritzer View Post
This. I am in the same boat. If you don't have to pay for it (i.e. warranty, recall) take it to the dealer. If you can do it yourself, do it at home. If it's something you can't do for yourself and it is out of warranty/not covered, find a reliable independent, BMW specialized mechanic to do it.

You should really never be paying for things out of pocket at a BMW Dealership, you're going to be paying way to much and honestly I know multiple different Indys where I live that do better work and are more knowledgeable about the nuances with most generations/models.

I think this is really location dependent. I always take my out of warranty BMW to the dealership for anything that I cannot or simply don't have time to do myself.

We have a very well rated independent here in town as well. The problem there is two fold:

1) Their labor rate is $100/hr. My local BMW dealership is $120/hr. So other than some serious, multi day job - the costs is close enough.

2) The independent doesn't offer a loaner car and this is super important to me, as I like to drop it off in the morning, take a loaner to work, and then return on the way home to pick it up.

All the work to date at my local dealership has been very good and I have had no complaints. This may not be true in all dealerships, obviously, but it is for me.
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