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Originally Posted by G35POPPEDMYCHERRY View Post
dont feed the negativity in this thread. people will blast you for being THE aggressor or angry one; yet you stated you have great interactions elsewhere...

ill try to keep this short...

they probably don't care that much about their jobs; and just mindless drones following protocol and procedure. they lack the ability to independently think on your level...this doesn't apply to all; some SA could break my car down into every individual bolt and put it back together...on top of that they have great attitudes. Its really just an individual basis. your anger and bitterness is because your expecting too much out of people.

i went to go test drive a brand spanking new ftype-r. i ask can i test drive.... zero questions; brings the temp plates and we are on the road...older guy in his 50s...dressed in his suspenders had a very "americana" vibe. went on a long drive; and he was a really cool guy. more than a 25 yr old age gap.

if people want to be mindless drones and do whatever...not be the best all the time...

so it goes.
say it aint so.

insert whatever you want here to make you feel better.

my bmw dealer 5 mins away is exactly as your describe; i drive almost an hour to go to morris or mt.laurel....why? because no point of fighting the system.

find a better dealership; and find out if its worth it for you. i drive an hour...worth it for me

dealers are independently owned and vary vastly.

the jag dealerships waiting area was right outside the bathroom, and had four chairs...imagine walking in there after dropping 125k on your ftype to have the service guy to get oil on your leather since all he services are there lower tier cars and those customers wouldnt even notice....pros and cons...balance

edit:::i'm for my car in the makeshift service area since the BMW delership is going a massive remodel...
guy comes to drop his car off...where is your key sir....your valet took it with the car....well sire all cars need their keys to be serviced so we can read it; with about 60% attitude... here is where I want to say....wellll bettttttttiiichhh than your valet shouldn't have taken it, you go get it miss attitude....but serenity now. and the guy went back out and got his key. pro Mount Laurel?