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hey op, there's some sound advice on here and some... not so sound advice. I'll just throw my 2 cents in as well. not sure if you listened to what others have already said about your calories being way too low, but just to give you an idea, i'm 5'10" 180 and i'm cutting at 1350 cals. So your cal intake should be way higher. You may lose a ton of weight really quickly at 1300 cals... but once you eat just a little more, you'll start gaining weight again. Just eating a bunch of protein (to stay satiated longer) and keep carbs and sugars to a minimum... don't make it so complicated, at such a high weight, there is no need. Once you get down to a good weight, then you can worry about counting cals and getting in your macros and all that.

At this point, I'd recommend just walking for your cardio and start working compound lifts (dead lifts, bench, squats... etc), I'm a strong believer in heavy weight training. I maybe in the minority here but I believe that if you lift heavy, there's no real need for cardio...

Anyways, this is just my approach. There are many different ways to lose weight, most important thing is to educate yourself about how it all works, pick a method, and stick to it... be patient, this stuff doesn't happen overnight... and if it does, it won't last...