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Originally Posted by P1et View Post
I just looked at these imagines on a PC as opposed to a mobile devices. The image quality is subpar mate. In the day, it's barely passable. At night, it's horrendous. There is something wrong with this camera... What is the resolution supposed to be?
Its 720p but yeah many complain that its much worse then real 720p vid. I actually returned it today and bought Nest to try. Have it setup already.

Not much features, but its pretty simple and seems to work so far (tried for an hour maybe). Motion detection works better, camera has better built quality, sound works better, heats up pretty quickly, app is nice, motion history gets recorded as soon as motion detected, but alerts only get sent out every 30 minutes (not sure why because I want to be able to control that), also cant take snapshots

As far as subscription, I suppose when I am away I can activate the service for 1 month and unsubscribe when I get back....was told its pretty easy to do on PC (maybe app too)

Had a long chat with rep from Piper camera, looks like a nice product too with nice app etc, dont need to subscribe to anything. Problem is when motion is detected it records for 35 seconds, next recording will start if there is another (not motion based) trigger, if you dont have any other triggers then you MUST manually reset the motion trigger. That just made it useless to me.

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