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Originally Posted by Buckett76 View Post
Probably a supply issue creating production problems. We have it and it's fine, other than the steering intervention, which can be turned off. But this also includes traffic jam assist and that works fine. I would think if it's a faulty system we would have gotten a notice to turn it off all together or some recall.

Also noticed you can now get the air suspension with M sport
I have received mixed messages from two dealers in my area when asked about drivetrain malfunction and why drive assist pro package removed from configurator. both denied any knowledge of drivetrain malfunctions. one stated that drive assist package pro features are now standard on all X5 models and are available as drive assist package and that is why "pro/plus" version is not available. Second dealer stated that there is shortage of drive assist package and that is why it is not available in the configurator. I feel like there is something both the dealers are hiding. Any thoughts?