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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
If I could unappreciate a post I would to you and 1moremod lol. I need the headphones.

I would assume OP would be a headphone guy as his tolerance for annoyance seems lower then most so I am a little surprised lol.

Side note didn't want to drive through the blizzard this afternoon so took the girlfriend's car, but I had to rush because she needed the car relatively soon. Only left me an hour at the gym and I was sore so I skipped the lifting. Havent done much cardio lately, and havent ran in a week so I got a 5mile run in and half a mile on incline treadmill. Stamina felt pretty solid, each mile pace was ~7:30.

*Edit* I wear earbuds, I was assuming headphones was being used vaguely as you don't listen to any music
actually before I started wearing my DreBeats Studios I wore the Beats that wrap around your ear and than goes into your ear. even with all the different tips you can use they would always keep popping out of my ear and throughout my workout I found myself always pushing them in after every set. so I decided to give the head phones a shot and to my surprise I liked them a lot. the headphones really eliminated 90-95% of the noise from people talking and all the clanking of weights and equipment. when i'm working out i'm really zoned into my workout and try...and I mean try not to have any conversations with anyone at the gym. I need my music to motivate me and just get my mind set on one go to war with these weights!

I will say the only thing that throws my workouts off are all these hot chicks walking around in super tight yoga pants and all this Gym Shark Attire! I love me some eye candy but damn! also, since i'm on the topic of chicks is it me or do some of the hot chicks don't look so great in regular clothes? this one chick looks hot in her yoga pants and sports bras. but when she comes out of the locker and into her street clothes she looks like a normal chick

I think so far this thread sparks a lot of people's likes and dislikes and that's another reason I created this thread. good to know both sides. hopefully you guys this thread stays with respect for one another without getting out of hand because some people like things while other people don't. anyways keep the thread alive DAILY! I've been eating pretty good today so i'm looking forward to a good lower arm workout (legs!) Seth Feroce
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