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Originally Posted by lsturbointeg View Post
actually before I started wearing my DreBeats Studios I wore the Beats that wrap around your ear and than goes into your ear. even with all the different tips you can use they would always keep popping out of my ear and throughout my workout I found myself always pushing them in after every set. so I decided to give the head phones a shot and to my surprise I liked them a lot. the headphones really eliminated 90-95% of the noise from people talking and all the clanking of weights and equipment. when i'm working out i'm really zoned into my workout and try...and I mean try not to have any conversations with anyone at the gym. I need my music to motivate me and just get my mind set on one go to war with these weights!
I hear ya, if your earbuds pop in and out it is a major distraction. I use to use JBL endurance sprint, which is similar to the beats wrap around earbuds you mentioned, but they always came lose. Been using Jaybird Tarahs the last few weeks and they don't move at all in my ear, I'm a big fan. The sound could be a little better, but regardless its pretty damn good. I mean I did hella cardio today and I don't think I had to adjust them even once and I was sweating my ass off to boot. The reason I don't do the headphones is due to sweating too much lol. I have a pair of Bose QC15s for the office.