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Originally Posted by JP10 View Post
If I could unappreciate a post I would to you and 1moremod lol. I need the headphones.

I would assume OP would be a headphone guy as his tolerance for annoyance seems lower then most so I am a little surprised lol.

Side note didn't want to drive through the blizzard this afternoon so took the girlfriend's car, but I had to rush because she needed the car relatively soon. Only left me an hour at the gym and I was sore so I skipped the lifting. Havent done much cardio lately, and havent ran in a week so I got a 5mile run in and half a mile on incline treadmill. Stamina felt pretty solid, each mile pace was ~7:30.

*Edit* I wear earbuds, I was assuming headphones was being used vaguely as you don't listen to any music
Look into David goggins thoughts on this. Basically it's a crutch and what music is on or none or distractions should have no effect on your performance unless you are weak minded and need someone else to get you motivated.