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I have a full gym in my basement, so I don't have to worry about any of the typical gym idiosyncrasies. I installed a nice four speaker sound system, so no ear buds needed and I can play the music I want (unless my six year old daughter is "working out" too).

Yes, I wear gloves and have for years. Again, as many have said, it's not good to have hard, crusty hands when you go to the office or a client. Plus, the wife and daughter don't appreciate being touched by sandpaper.
I train for Spartan Races (I do six per season) so I'm doing a ton of cross-training that includes weight lifting/strength training, agility exercises, yoga, trail running and core work. I usually finish in the top 10% of finishers overall.
I'm 6'1" and weigh 177lbs. I've been this size essentially from high school on and I'm going to be 50 in October. I also play ice hockey, mountain bike, swim and "wrestle" with my six year old daughter LOL! I call it beating daddy up. Most people think I'm in the early to mid thirties.

I've read earlier comments about working out with a bad back. I do not have a bad back and want to keep it that way, so I've read quite a bit about training and the back.
Most moves put undue stress on your lower back. Over time, this causes issues as the discs and surrounding muscles become damaged. It's so important to isolate your back from these movements and train your core and lower back properly without causing undue stress.
I've been watching some of these guys videos to learn how to safely workout. I know it sounds funny and like an "old man", but as I said, I want to keep my back safe and workout to make gains and not lose something in the process.
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