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Originally Posted by harris69 View Post
I use hook grip combined with chalk. So never really have a need for straps. But hook grip is tough, and took me a long time to practice, and fully implement. Used to use alternate grip but developed tendinitis in my left elbow and had to change things up. I used to be able to do squats without belt close to 300 lbs but it's been a couple of years since I have messed around with 300+ lb weight

Yep, fat gripz. Only used them a couple of times and now they just sit in d gym bag. Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is compression sleeves. I wear them whenever I squat.

I use a hook grip as well.....only break the straps out on weighted pull-ups, or deadlifts and rack pulls when I'm going really heavy and or pushing reps.

I've seen to many ruptured biceps from people doing deadlift with an alternate grip.