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I thought the only difference between the "base" LED headlights and the Laserlights was the high beam performance of the Laserlights. I know this has topic been discussed to death here, but this quote from the article is confusing to me - "Its base headlights earn a poor rating, largely due to excessive glare from the low beams." So, are the low beams different than those of the Laserlights? Or is there some other anomaly or misunderstanding present?
In USA same headlights as led standard ones only difference is over 30 something miles a hour in ideal conditions the laser high beams turn on ! Bmw is so vague on this subject even people doing reviews don't know how they work !! But you need them for the halo daytime running lights or the x5 looks like a Hyundai with the standard halos
that's not entirely accurate. The low beams are obviously different maybe due to the housing or output change. Lasers are bright and shine further than my G01 X3 which had Full BMW Adaptive LED lights. That car had the same distance as the X5 diagram shown for lasers which tells me they didn't test them unless they got a bypass to make them work strictly for testing.

see below. My X3 certainly had worse headlights. I'm going to see if IIHS tested the lasers directly if they reply to my inquiry
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