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Originally Posted by tastes jigga View Post
There's a difference between calibrating the suspension for more power, and bringing in the M division to make it go faster around the Nürburgring.

My last two vehicles - M4 ZCP and X3 M40i had adaptive suspensions tuned by M, and both were a little too harsh to enjoy for everyday long-distance commuting, in my opinion.
I thought the X3 M40i road very harsh. I believe AndroidRobot owned one and reported a similar experience. I personally don’t think 67hp more requires the suspension to be any firmer for even the most spirited driving. I can terrify my passengers going up our twist mountain roads in “Sport Plus” but BMW may feel pushing the M50i’s ride closer to the upcoming X5M was a suitable transition? I hope it’s not as harsh as the X3 M40i.

There is a dichotomy here with performance SUVs more so than with sedans that if you try to make them too stiff and hard edged for performance, you defeated why many purchased a luxury SUV to begin with. Big summer tires and harsh rides are useless in mixed weather and long distance comfort is compromised.
4 second 0-60 SUV’s are the alpha dogs of the SUV world anyway so pushing beyond that most owners will go with a genuine sports car to get a much higher level of performance and handling than what is possible in a SUV.

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