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I finally got to pick up my new M50i. I'll follow up with some more detailed info later, but wanted to share the delivery pics. I know this sounds weird, but she has some of my old F15 in her. That is a great thing!

2020 M50i
Carbon Black
Extended Shadowline
Alcantara Headliner
Black Extended Merino Leather
Brown Poplar Wood Trim
B&W Audio
Drivers Assistance Pro
Luxury Seating Package
Executive Package
742M Wheels
Acoustic Glass
Heated seats/armrest

iDrive Version: 07/2019.38

Edited to include my impressions so far going from a 50i to the M50i:

Comfort is more firm and compliant than the 50i, it is definitely not as bouncy. It only gets better as you move through the modes. On my last G05, I wondered if I made a mistake by not selecting DHP or Air. Not this time around. This is the driving dynamic that almost reminds me of my F15. This is the true progression from the F15, to me anyway.

I know it does not seem like a huge jump, but damn she freaking hustles. Seriously, it's all there. You wanna go, then damnit you are gone.

Things I got but missed the first go round:

B&W Audio - Was not available when I originally ordered and there was never one available at the dealership so I did not realize what i was missing out on.

Extended Merino - I really liked the Vernasca leather with luxury seating on the last G05, but the Merino is much softer on the upper back.
This option isn't a super must have for me and I would ultimately be happy with either.

Extended Shadowline - Was not available before, but it looks badass against the Carbon Black. (I'm still bummed Black Sapphire was not available)

Alcantara Headliner - Even the shade is alcantara.

Pano SkyLounge - This thing just blows peoples mind when it is lit at night. Especially when caring car is enabled and it fades in and out.

Drive Recorder - This probably deserves it's own post along with the new display features in the cluster.

Assisted Drive View
Here are a couple videos of Assisted Drive View in action. It's pretty awesome that it can determine the vehicle type and display it in the cluster. (Small Car / Tractor Trailer / Motorcycle). Also notice the indicators when you are not touching the steering wheel.

2020 X5 M50i | Assisted Drive View | Lane Change

2020 X5 M50i | Assisted Drive View

Here are a few clips of the exhaust in action.

2020 X5 M50i | Exhaust with modes

2020 X5 M50i | Idle

2020 X5 M50i | Startup

Edit: Updated to include Sky Lounge images.
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