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Originally Posted by LexxM3 View Post
What is the ISTEP in your car? You might need a newer psdzdata if you are on November 2019 release.

Basic process (skipping lots of relevant details):
- connect to car
- start ESyS by running ESysX
- in ESys, connect to car; make sure it gives the Connected pop-up
- Read FA
- Read SVT
- right click VIN at the top of the ECU tree and choose Read Coding Data; this will read all ECUs and leave local NCD files for you to play with offline; will also want to save FA and SVT files for that
- do the rest per the other instructions
I'm on 7.19.53 from July. Do I still need a later version? I'm on the latest I could find at present.

I guess I'm going to have to read up on it because I don't see FA in Esys. Is SVT the same as SVT Actual? I see an option for reading ECU under SVT Actual and that throws all kinds of read errors for object with name not found. Thanks!