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Originally Posted by LexxM3 View Post
You can code with either Diagnostic Mode or car engine running. If engine running, you can't code DME (which includes ASS coding). If engine not running, watch the battery level.

I'll see if I can reproduce your error by playing with a couple of things. A screen cap would help. Not clear right now. Sounds like a misconfiguration. Maybe corrupt or not properly copied psdzdata directory, ESysX license not activated, maybe using 32bit ESys with 64bit configured ESysX ... just shooting in the dark here.
Thanks again. That would be great. I have everything 64-bit so I don't think that's it. I did activate EsysX Monday so that shouldn't be it either. I redownloaded the 64-bit Esys and the psdzdata file, reinstalled Esys and replaced the default psdzdata directory with the one in the download. Everything is as it was before, just fresh. Will reconnect to the X5 and grab a screenshot.