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Originally Posted by skalberti View Post
I bought the M Sport brakes for increased stopping power and for general safety. What I didn't want was all the dust, the pain of cleaning the wheels and mostly the sea of black that stains my driveway with every washing. I changed my pads out on my M3 2 years ago and used the Power Stop Z16 pads. For the past 2 years I've enjoyed noise free, dust free and trouble free brakes. So I decided to put a set on out new G05. The problem is, no one makes a pad for a 2019 G05. SInce I know BMW uses a lot of the same parts on various cars, I went to real oem dot com and pulled up my vehicle and build date and the front and rear oem brake part numbers. I then searched those part numbers and found that the 750i with M Sport brakes uses the same exact pad as my G05 M Sport brakes. So I ordered a set of Z16 pads. 16-1868 for the front and 16-1469 for the rear. When they came in I compared them to the oem pads and sure enough, they were a match. When I compared the stock to the new pads, I noticed the stock pads had each side of the pad ground down to the plate making the pad much smaller than the back plate. Some would say that was just chamfering, but to me it looks like they were trying to reduce the pad size so that it doesn't compete with the stopping distance of the X5M when released. That's my opinion, but i've seen stuff like this on their M models
The pads are easy to change, but unfortunately BMW has made this a non DIY project. The reason is you used to be able to push your pistons in on the floating rear caliper, drop your pads in and go. Now the G body cars have calipers that have to be retracted with a computer. If you don't, your dash will light up with errors and alerts. I have a friend that has the software to retract the rotors for me so I did the job myself. It took me 1.5 hrs with a floor jack, flat screw driver, a punch and a 13mm and 17mm wrench. I've attached some pics for comparison. The black dust you see caked on the inside of the caliper is only after 3k miles.
Thank you for the write up and info - I just got those Power Stop pads installed today!