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Lexus has nothing to be worried about. The RX is the best selling luxury SUV in North America by a wide margin. They have a full redesign coming in 24 months or so as well. This is like saying the G70 should have had Mercedes or BMW worried it would knock the C and 3 off their perch. Hyundai/Genesis are creating awesome vehicles no doubt, but especially for Genesis it takes more than a great vehicle to lure away buyers from established and iconic nameplates.
You have a fair point. The RX is the #1 seller with a lot of brand loyalty. But compared to the German makes I wouldn't be surprised if the RX will be cross shopped more with the GV80.
I'd like to think the average consumer would realize the RX is a front wheel drive based econo car on stilts and the Genesis is at least rwd based. But I know they won't.
The Mom's and Dad's driving these Lexus' couldn't care less about drivetrain layouts or whether the car rides on the same platform as the Toyota Camry. All that matters is that lexus reliability and service is top notch, and that the RX is a comfortable car that satisfies their needs of transporting themselves and their family with ease and having a peace of mind ownership experience. Those who care about drivetrains and sporty handling know to avoid Japanese luxury cars (except for a few standouts over the years, like the G37, G70, IS, etc.)

The RX succeeds in its mission which is completely different to that of the BMW's or others.
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