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X5 or something else?

I am currently in a 2017 540i on a lease. June and it's gone. I have no complaints with the 540i except - it's a car. I miss sitting up higher and having room to get larger stuff home from garage sales or Home Depot. So the next vehicle will be an SUV (or SAV not sure about the current nomenclature).

Trying to keep the size about the same as my current car. I don't want a Navigator (though my friends Black Label is an excellent vehicle) or Tahoe. Too big. And a Macan or X3 are too small. X5, X7, GLS, GLE, MDX or the like are the right size.

I also have an issue with too little oomph. Sorry Mercedes but the standard 4 cylinder GLE is not quite what I want. I also don't need (or want to pay the extra for) an AMG or M. My current 540i is actually plenty fast for my needs and wants. Doesn't even have to match that, just not be a dog.

I would LOVE an electric car or hybrid with some range like 25 miles on electric only. 90% of my daily drives are less than that. Not that it saves money cause charging costs but I hate stopping for gas so that would be nice to put off to once a month. I doubt I get one though. Probably next time in 3-4 years will see more options like this in my preferred model area.

And I'm trying to keep all this under $80k if new and less than $50K if it is a low mileage lease return. Buying used though I really want to see some objective measure that the model is reliable and not cost me a fortune in repairs.

As of today, if I had to choose, I think the X5 wins. Order is kinda:


Oh I left off Q7, Cayenne, Aviator and Range Rover. Will be looking at those too. Comments and opinions welcome and I realize I'm on a BMW forum so feel free to opine why I should stick with them.

Thanks in advance and for letting me on the forum.