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The X5 40i seems to have everything you're looking for (minus the electric range). But it's roughly the same size as your 540, it's got plenty of oomph, and you can get a well equipped one for under $80k.

I cross shopped the GLE as well, and if you opt for the 450, it does come out slightly more expensive than a comparable X5. It's worth checking both of them out as they are probably the closest in comparison. I had no loyalties to BMW previously, and decided to go with the X5 because I felt it drove better, felt higher quality, and the interior was much more attractive (once you get over the initial wow factor of that huge screen in the GLE).

Unfortunately the Japanese luxury brands seem to be stuck in the year 2010 in terms of technology and infotainment. Even if the MDX is redesigned for the 2021 model, I don't have high hopes for it. I hope they prove me wrong though.

The new Q7 has Audi's turbocharged powertrain which loves to hesitate when you press on the gas. I was interested in a Q8 and just couldn't understand why it was so laggy.

The cayenne is nice, but will cost you $20k more for a comparable model.
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