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X5 all day. Given your want to stay at a reasonable price, the X5 40i will not disappoint. I went this route after trading in my F80 M3. You don't get the growl and car boner, but let's be fast do you really need to go?

The X5 40i has plenty power and acceleration to have fun, but also get better mpg. This might be a good alternative to the electric/hybrid. I do 95% local driving on backroads and stop and go highways. Getting ~20-21 mpg, which is great for the type of driving. I went the route of comfort. Opted for the X-Line with air suspension and all the other bells and whistle minus the night vision.

All in all, you'll get the most bang for your buck with the X5 40i. Two 90 pound German Shepherds fit comfortably, but also has plenty of room to throw in a generous amount of stuff (Home Depot, etc). Even loaded down, the vehicle shoots off like a rocket ship, and handles like a beauty (hits curves on back roads like a champ). You'll be a lot of good suggestions, but it comes down to your preference within the X5 world. I wouldn't even look at vehicles in the same category. If you go X7, might at well look at Tahoe or Suburban. My only realistic complaint with the X5 is the rear doors do not open as far as some of my previous SUVs. Not a big deal, but just something to note. Good luck in your search!