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Originally Posted by MystroX5 View Post
That source directly from a socialist. Its not the car they are targeting but a successful capitalist. The expensive car is just a side effect. You could take out car and put in luxury watch, big home, boat, etc... Anything that is a byproduct of being a successful capitalist is their target. This fraud study has been debunked on other forums.

I am sorry they are so pissed off with their life and need to try to shame others that are successful and happy.
Consider the network source and who funded the study. Just let it fade away into digital smoke.

They're pissed that the job market thinks their Pre-Columbian Feminist Sculpture degree is only worth $35K/year despite the fact that they're $250K in hock in student loans. I don't blame them for being pissed, but they shouldn't be pissed at me; they did it to themselves. And their parents are spineless shit-bags for standing by and letting them do it.
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